HPLC System, Agilent, 1200/1260

17.900,00 zzgl. Mwst.


Manufacturer: Agilent

Model: 1200/1260


Binary Pump, 1200, G1312A

VWD VL+, 1260, G1314C

HiP-Autosampler, 1200, G1367B, Tray G2258-44502, two plates 5022-6502 with 54 x 2 ml vials each

FC/ALS Thermostat, 1200, G1330B

Column thermostat, G1316A, column switching valve

Degasser, G1379B

Solvent tray


Control PC (windows 10) with screen, keyboard, mouse

Ready to use, but without column, without solvent bottles



delivery time: ca.1 week

plus shipping/handling