DIANA Chemiluminescence Detection Module, Raytest Isotopenmessgeräte, 14000018 Darkroom, UV-Transilluminator, Herolab, UVT-20 M

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Manufacturer: Raytest Isotopenmessgeräte, Herolab

Model: 14000018 Darkroom, UVT-20 M


DIANA Chemiluminescence Detection Module, Raytest Isotopenmessgeräte

darkroom with table, adjustable for height

transparent plexiglass plate for fluorescence detection

converter plate (UV to visible light)

cooled camera Diana II, crack in rubber sleeve, has to be renewed


PC (Windows 95) with software (Diana/95 Camera Control, Version 1.6), software on disc


Transilluminator, Herolab

Model UVT-20 M

312 nm

230 v, 50 Hz



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